General Food Distribution

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World Food Programme


The emergency phases always demands swift actions & decisions. MOJAZ has mobilized network of farmer Enterprise Groups in target union councils. The govt. notified affected population list was collected & recertified by door to door visit by field teams & there is a huge support of the already mobilized farmer enterprise groups. The project target beneficiaries were identified verified/ reassessed & then distributed food items worth of 5000 PKR for the whole month with 3 continuous cycles. During the project duration MF had distributed nonfood items that include wheat flour, salt, sugar, tea, pluses, and high energy biscuits oil among the affected people. However MF had provided shelter to vulnerable people who were forced to live under open sky with small children and old age people. MF had provided first add and wash services to the affected community members to reduce vulnerability. The project concluded in the month of December 2010 after notification of DDMA & cluster endorsement that the much need has been catered & there is no more need of food distribution. However the emergency phase was declared finished by NDMA & Clusters & started early recovery activities for the settlement of the flood affected after ensuring the survival.

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