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Recent monsoon rain fall flood of September 2012 has affected district Kashmore like other districts of Sindh. Kashmore remains the worst-affected districts of the Sindh province with almost 20 UCs badly affected. It caused severe damages and as a result people were displaced from their houses. Standing crops and basic infrastructure of district was badly affected. The degree of severity to which people have been affected by the flood varied depending on their particular losses and damages. MOJAZ Foundation initiated relief activities in the district Kashmore where this project aimed at reducing the vulnerability of flood affected communities by providing winterized kits. MF has designed this project to offer assistance for reduction of communities suffering due to harsh cold weather especially beneficiaries who are living in temporary settlements as tents or stick houses. Distribution of winterize kits helped communities & increase their capacity to bear winters. This intervention has enabled communities to have proper bedding after the distribution kits. Especially elderly & children were very much comfortable as they have increased resistance towards diseases which might erupt & increase the suffering of vulnerable groups (i.e. Children, Elderly, and Disable & Women).Overall, the project was successful in distribution of winterize kits to most vulnerable communities. MF methodology of social mobilization and engaging the community right from the beginning of the project into project implementation was instrumental in building the capacity of the communities to work and think about their development.

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