Improvement of Quality of Education in Narrowal (YEAR TWO)

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Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI)


The education system in Pakistan is included among the most backward systems in Asia, empowered by the customary feudal system. The project, Improvement of Quality of Education in Narrowal is in the second year of application. It has been implemented with the overall goal to develop a scalable model for the improvement of quality of education in primary and higher secondary education. In order to achieve this goal the project aimed at developing a model of school management which is self sufficient to meet the financial requirements of educational institutions, whereby teachers and students are motivated, and parents are taking due interest in the management of the institutions.Successful implementation of the project will result in development of a Model for Management of Educational Institutions, which has the capacity to improve the education in short term, and improved quality of education in Narrowal and other areas of Pakistan in the long run.The main focus was the improvement in education through the community involvement. The community involvement in the improvement of quality of education has been considered as an important aspect under the project. In this regards MOJAZ formed ten school management committees. These committees have representation from parents and head teachers. MOJAZ focused on capacity building of these committees. Members of these committees are taking active part in the implementation of the project. So far the results have been very satisfying and positive impact has been seen in the overall enrollment of children in the respective schools.

Interim Report

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