One room Shelter (ORS)

Funded by:

IOM (International organization of Migration)


The one room shelter strategy was devised in response to the massive early recovery shelter needs across the country. Due to the unprecedented numbers affected, the geographic scale and the varied culture/climate in the area affected, a low‐cost and flexible solution was necessary. The one room shelter strategy aimed to support the most vulnerable of those with a completely destroyed house to rebuild one durable flood‐resistant room, according to local designs and materials, promoting self‐recovery and coping strategies wherever possible. The project awarded to MOJAZ Foundation (MF) to construct 520 ORS in UC Pero Lashari of District Badin, Sindh Province. Survey, assessment, selection of beneficiaries and tranches were released as advised by the IOM. The project completion is planned in June 2013, however, due to some climatic conditions; the project is now extended to July 31, 2013. The ORS are being constructed as planned.

Project Completion Report

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