Provision of WASH Facilities to the Marginalized Communities

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Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI)


People affected by disasters are more likely to fall sick and to die from diseases related to inadequate sanitation and water supplies than from any other single cause. The most important of these are diarrheal diseases and others transmitted by the faeco-oral route. The transmission of these diseases is encouraged by inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water supplies. Other water and sanitation-related diseases include those carried by vectors associated with solid waste and water. The WASH indicators, even prior to floods were not very promising at all, however the floods have further pushed these indicators to a much lower level. In this context MOJAZ Foundation came up to support the distressed communities in three unions of district Muzaffargarh. The unions selected were designated as severely damaged and required immediate assistance in terms of food security, health, water and sanitation, and other important needs. The Mojaz Foundation, relying on its strength of working with and for the communities, designed and implemented a project which aimed at; providing clean drinking water, creating awareness regarding health and hygiene, and provision of safe and environment friendly defecation places for the community. The purposes of project was to provide at least a minimum quantity of clean drinking water, and to reduce the transmission of faeco-oral diseases and exposure to disease-bearing vectors, and to help in establishing the conditions that allow people to live and to perform daily tasks, such as going to the toilet, and washing with dignity, comfort and security.

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