Construction of One room Shelter (ORS)

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The Mojaz Foundation planned and implemented the One Room Shelter Project aiming at the provision of for shelter support to 200 extremely vulnerable flood affected families in one Union Council i.e. Basti Rindan, Tehsil Jampur, District Rajanpur. UNHCR provided full financial support for the construction of 200 ORS along with operational costs for effective delivery. According to the estimates quoted by provincial disaster management authority Punjab, approximately 70%housesdestroyedfully in the targeted UC and almost 100% population was affected by the devastated flood in 2010. During the need assessment carried out by MF in the month of March 2011 for conceptualizing the project proposal it was discovered that people of the area were in critical condition due to the unavailability of basic necessities like shelter, food and water. Almost 1,197 families of the targeted worst affected UC had lost their shelters. The agriculture land was damaged, houses had collapsed, health and hygiene status of a large majority was poor and roads school buildings and BHUs were badly affected. The assessment also revealed that most of the poor and vulnerable families were living in camps or with their relatives and were not able to rebuild their houses without any external support.

The specific impact of the sub-project is as follows:

  • The project benefited 200 homeless families who feel secure after having shelter.
  • The health and hygiene session increased awareness level of communities regarding health issues and was instrumental in improving their health status.
  • The project inculcated a sense of collective development in the communities.
  • Skill base of the communities was enhanced.

Monitoring Report

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